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Membership status identification process.

In our project we have a process to categorization members based on their contribution. Also have a look at our Current Member Status page.

Membership Type


Developer – Level D1

Have requested to join the project as Developer, and has been included as developer by the coordinator. And the coordinator has communicated back with welcome message and asked to provide some details, to enable further communications.

Developer – Level D(-1)

No response from the member within a week of joining. Even after repeated communication by the coordinator. This is regarded as that the member is no more interested in the project for the time being. Coordinator will not invest further time and energy on the member, until the member comes back with a positive communication.

Developer – Level D0

Revival of old member from ‘Level -1’ . That is the candidate has come back with a positive request to make him an active member once again.

Developer – Level D2

The member has completed the induction meeting with mentor/coordinator in a one to one session successfully. And understands the overall project objectives, architecture and potential area in which he/she is going to contribute. And also have a high level idea on the deliverables.

Developer – Level D3

The member has spent at least one live meeting session with the mentor on understanding the details of the deliverables. And the member has taken responsibility of the deliverables and started working on it.

Developer – Level D4

The member has delivered at least one complete assignment successfully and it has been included in the main Source code. The member is a stake holder now. Any major technical decision will be taken after consulting with all the members of this category.

Module Lead – Level M1

Member has completed delivered minimum of 5 assignments successfully. And it has been included in the main source code.

Module Lead – Level M2

Have conducted at least one live meeting other new members and explained the architecture, and defined assignment to that candidate. And the candidate has successfully completed the assignment along with the deliverables. Or completed one full module.

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